2021 Portfolio Thoughts (Part 2 – Asset Classes)

The starting point for constructing the portfolio for early 2021 starts from considering the themes that I have outlined earlier. There are three steps to consider: (1) Laying out the asset classes which will respond well to these themes, (2) Understanding the allocations between these asset classes, (3) Identifying where things might go wrong andContinue reading “2021 Portfolio Thoughts (Part 2 – Asset Classes)”

Pandemic portfolio for US Investors (part 2)

The portfolio for this new paradigm needs to resist dollar devaluation, a potential increase in inflation, while positioning to capture the upside from current and future liquidity injections. Such a portfolio will have to maintain equity exposure (both US and international), position for inflation through commodities and TIPS, hedge against dollar devaluation through Gold whileContinue reading “Pandemic portfolio for US Investors (part 2)”

Pandemic portfolio for US Investors (part 1)

US is entering into a new paradigm for investing. This new paradigm is defined by (1) continuing low rates, (2) augmented by significant money printing by the Fed and (3) a potentially painful long recovery post pandemic. The last decade for US investors has been stellar. Going forward, however, the expected returns for the standardContinue reading “Pandemic portfolio for US Investors (part 1)”

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