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Where do we go from here in the next 6 months?

Answer is who the hell knows! In this super complex world, this year market has been on a precipitous decline with Russia, China, pandemic, and supply chain issues in the mix. However, for fun and games, let me lay out a framework. Broadly, in the near term (next 6 months), I would expect a recession…

Q2 2021 Rebalancing and Themes

Overall, the last quarter has been a bit up and down. I want to take a stock of where we are, what are the key themes and then identify asset allocations going forward. Current State as of July 2, 2021 S&P and Equity markets have continued their move forward, although there have been a couple…

Confessions – My Mistakes In Investing

I started “investing” in the stock market over 10 years ago. It was essentially a game at that point, because I treated it as a roulette – assuming I can time the market and trading on whimsical ideas and hearsay more than anything else. I was curious and wanted to improve my understanding of the…

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